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It is said that adjustment in behavior is highly individual and is closely related to stress and to other factors that affect the overall personality of the individual. Indeed, behavior problems that lead to mental disorders occur when people habitually put their own desires before the demands of society.

One of the severe conditions that behavior problems can lead to is bipolar disorder. Known as “manic depression,” bipolar disorder is considered a serious illness characterized by dangerous and risky behavior that can lead to the destruction of relationships and devastated careers. If not given attention and if not treated properly, bipolar disorder can even lead to a person suffering from it to steal his own life through suicide.

Experts say that bipolar disorder is usually characterized by extreme and drastic changes in mood or “poles” that usually range from simple mania to deep set depression. Studies also show that between or during these mood shifts and swings, the person suffering from the disorder are known to experience normal moods.

Seeing the signs

In the stage of mania, a person with bipolar disorder is known to exude increased restlessness, tremendous enthusiasm, high level of energy, unusual talkativeness, recklessness, show of power, and recurrent euphoric periods. This mood swing can result in reckless and impulsive spending or even risky sex escapades. After this, a shift of high-flying moods will take place, thus, driving a person who has bipolar disorder into a darker pit and recesses of personality that becomes easily irritated and confused, unable to control anger and the feeling of being trapped.

When the person with behavior problems develops bipolar disorder, the common symptoms might include various stages of depression, unexplained sadness, onset crying, feeling a sense of worthlessness, sudden loss of energy and pleasure accompanied by sleeping problems.

According to studies, aside from dramatic mood shifts and changes, there is actually a whole spectrum of symptoms characterized by bipolar disorder. Some of these can be productive but can lead to catastrophic results once the mania or depression sets in because it can lead to death or suicide.

What can be done?

Indeed, it is to be expected that the enlightened person comes to realize sooner that no one else but himself can solve his problem than another person.

So if you have a family member or friend who has behavior problems, it would be best to advise him or her to visit a registered physician immediately. This visit would help the person overcome the issues that bothers him or her and would also prevent the possible development of bipolar disorder.

For parents, it would be best to guide their kids as early as possible in order to help prevent the development of any behavior problems. Parents should also be observant of the behavior of their children so they would carefully monitor if there are significant changes in the attitude of their kids. It would also help if parents as well as teachers would talk to the children often to know how are they feeling.

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